My inquiry is one of two ideas....first is the restructuring of my Advanced Composition class and trying new approaches to the five paragraph essays; but after hearing Janet use exigency, I think I am going to look at responding to student writing in terms of new rubrics, conferences, and using tools such as Google docs or Microsoft Word for responding. I feel as if there is not enough time to respond completely or to do it more than once per essay. I also want students to peer review but in a constructive way rather than say, good paper or correct a spelling problem. This goes back to me looking at rubric samples.

PASS THE PAPER (Suggestions from others)
Here's what's available:
Intellectual and Practical Skills
  • Inquiry and analysis
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Written communication
  • Oral communication
  • Reading
  • Quantitative literacy
  • Information literacy
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
Personal and Social Responsibility
  • Civic knowledge and engagement—local and global
  • Intercultural knowledge and competence
  • Ethical reasoning
  • Foundations and skills for lifelong learning
Integrative and Applied Learning
  • Integrative and applied learning