I want to explore using I-pads for filming stories written and performed by students, in addition to filming other learning events happening in the classroom. I also want to discover in what other ways students can innovate their video once they have captured it on their I-pads. I am interested in learning more about creating videos as another mode of publishing compositions, or even remixing a known story is some way.

Free Video Related Apps Explored:
  • Storyboards
  • iMotion HD
  • Video Star
Other Apps:
  • iMovie
  • ReelDirector
  • DSLR Slate
  • Movie Slate
  • Storyboard Composer
  • pCAM Film+Digital Calculator
  • Action Log Pro
  • ProPrompter
  • Teleprompt+for iPad
  • Screenplay
  • Scripts Pro
  • Pocket LD
  • BeamCalc
  • Artemis Remote
  • SunSeeker:3D Augmented Rality Viewer
  • SMPTE Score HD
  • Rehearsal
  • AJA Data Calc
  • ProRemote
  • Final Cut Pro Field Guide
  • IMDb Movies & TV

Websites Resources: